Tuesday, December 28, 2010

random 8-owh my un-rockness!

have u ever feel like a plastic bag??ceh copy paste from firework lyric..huhu

have u ever felt like a loser..wen u have to read all the lovey dovey cheesyy meeesy love status of ur frens talking about how hepy they r in their rship in fb??

i did!!

haha i dont blame them, its juz me who don have a bf yet dats y..if i have 1 i will b in that group either i tink..ngeee~!

its been 2years (lost count alrdy) without a rship..owh crappp that long???yupp that long..

no im not lesbian! haha

its juz that my future hubby is on his way to find me n he was too freakin ego to ask for direction i guess...hahah

boo.. i tink u should buy this compass so u will find me..

p/s: owh 'YOU' even though i dont noe who u r YET! will u get to me as fast as u could??jz come here by chopper or plane or juz buy a damn GPS, what ever it takes as long as i could meet u now...i admit its sound a lil bit desperado but do i care??hahah tp xde la smpai nk register kat website ini...so im not dat nazak...


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applemasam said...

hahaha!! siyesly beb...u really know how to write funny things n make people laugh!
please dun stop writing okei? luv ya!

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