Tuesday, December 21, 2010

random 6

salam ever1,

sory for lack of update!been bz going backed to malacca for tahlil of my late g.fther n settling all da documents needed for uni...

yup i've been accepted to 1 uni here in msia ofcoz..so early next year i will b in a new environment back to study mode..feel a lil nervous n anxious..

theres still alot of things need to be pack n i feel like im not ready!but this is da moment i've been waiting my whole life...

so i would like to wish myself n those who read this post that will facing da same new phrase like me ...

a best of luck to all of u..may we will b under His guidance thru out our stdy time..lets us do our best n aiming for better results ahead (dean's award kalo bole)ehehe

p/s: mix emotions

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