Wednesday, December 15, 2010

random 5- button up!

hello...yeah button up everybody!!!!

hahah no la, actually i was a button maniac now..yup button da one u used to paste ur shirt together so there will b anything pop out..hahahah yup BUTANG!

dis habit happened xcidently when my mum stitching buttons to curtains dat we've juz bought from Reject Shop d other day..y did i do that??it is bcoz in this new home we only have the rail type of railing to hang the curtains so buttons need to be stitch there..

knowing me, i have ZERO knowledge in this stitch business since i don have a gifted hand about the art..

so my mum taught me how to sew a button, it looks easy @ first wen she do it, but after passing hand to mine it was damn hard since it was my first time sew it.. but after several trial im now mastering in this button arena(hahahaha exaggerative lebey) so now everything in this house i wanna button it! ahahha im addicted to i eat button, dream about button..

p/s: proudly sew buttons to 4 curtains another 2 curtains blom lg heheheee...
p/s/s: anyone want me to used my buttoning service????hahahha

proud face of da stitcher!

this videyo for u BUTTONS yup u r my other half..

videyo credit to utube!

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