Saturday, February 27, 2010

one of my wish list..

today got no things to do..juz browsing through varies site n suddenly came to my mind to go through this website about furthering studies in nz..ohhh sgt teringin ok...

back in my practical placement there r several students came from abroad uni like nz n uk..i was like "oh i wish i was 1 of u"..hummmmm....

will i gonna make it??owh how i realy wish 4 it.. so juz by going through 1 of da uni website it make me became more yearn about it...hummm sigh~!!

Friday, February 26, 2010

xder motip..

lihat baju picx baby ellie cm tuan dier..sigh~!

sayer mahu kua g sr..mahu mkn smpai muntah..
smpat snap picx...
tata mari mkn marble cheese

p/s;kn da ckp xder motip..saper suh bace..

Thursday, February 25, 2010

when fingers started to typing..

Hello world...

Hope you're listening...forgive me if I'm young..for speaking out of turn..
there's someone i've been missing..i think that they could be the better half of me..but where r u?? may b the're in their own place trying to make it right
but i'm really tired of i say you'll come home..
cause i've been waiting for you for so long, very long...and right now there's a war between da vanities..but all i see is you & me...huhu the fight for you is all i've ever will u come home??
i get lost in the beauty of everything i see, the world ain't as half as bad as they paint it to be.. if all the sons..if all the daughters stopped to take it in.. Well hopefully the hate subsides and the love can begin it might start now..
well mayb i'm just dreaming out loud as always Nabila as always..
everything i cant be is everything you should be And thats da reason y i need you here.. So hear this now will u come home to me rite now...
coz im tired of all this...


yup not once...but twice...
i really hate doing things twice...@$#%%&^*&(read in mencarut mode)

geram nyer own false, didnt read carefuly (careless ko ni Nabila)
luckily it juz in a point taram je la..

n for questionnaire, 3 more ques needed!!!
help me plisss...

p/s could sum1 push da help button plis...

saye sudah cube..

sayer sudah cube..
sayer suda cube kua mlm dgn member OJT saye..
tidak boleh...tidak boleh bkn bermaksud saye tidak keluar, saye keluar tp saye tidak rase gembira apabila keluar...
mereka baik..yup baik...bkn baik yg ber inverted coma (") (sila buat isyarat tangan)
tetapi btul2 punyer baik...
cume saye mmg tidak segembira apabila keluar bersama family...
saye rase tidak complete..saye rase mcm nothing, saye rase seperti berjalan tp mengunakan kaki(apekah metafore ini) apabila keluar tanpa family..
saya tidaklah semanja mana, tp alhamdulillah apa yang saye mintak akan dapat juga...
saye rase selamat n sangat selesa apabila keluar bersama family...

so to conclude, or in da nut shell(fara ko mmg da jd trademark ayat ni)
saya mmg akan jd diri saye apabila saye keluar bersama family..
n i don have to wory about money n safety..

p/s: saye sayang family saye even sumtime 2 ekor anak monyet itu agak annoying...

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


yuppp i was traumatized today...

da story begin when i was driving backed from office around 5 something..later when i passing by MC'D, i saw a commotion and when im closed enuff to the spot i could c theres a person lying with his face facing da road..i was like WTF!! plis don say there was an accident..

lying like kiding

i started to sweat n shivering.. i really hate dis kind of n bikes started to slow down since i was on da front i could c it clearly. i saw MCD workers running and some kind man rushing to get out of their cars to help da victim..but i jz stayed in my car n i felt very afraid to come out n to watch it..i jz continue heading home..

n my way home..i juz sweating like pigs n goosebumps along da way..i keep thinking about dat person, wat would her family felt rite now..they expect him to come home safely..n mayb he could only think about thinking for resting at home while eating dinner n watching tv with his family after a long day of working...n without noticed tears run down my eyes..sigh~!! im serious peeps..what if all this things happen to our own family..

have u guys tot about it???

owhh GOD plis don make this things happen to our family..aminn

p/s: plis drive safely n say our prayers before started driving...
hopefuly da victim was fine n will recovering soon..
im sorry i didnt have the guts to help u..guilty!

Monday, February 22, 2010


jeng jeng jeng....(wat cm suspens k..plis..)
my new matthew goode

mase ni time die nk wat candle lite diner ngn aku(abg jgn main api nt terbakar diri)

OMG im in love with ur green eyes n ur cute ireland accents..oh baby u got me(read with pompuan miang ala kucing mengawan mode)

ini time die nk tnjuk boxer bru kt aku..alaaa xyah lar bang i malu lar..

this is what happen when u watched da movie leap year..

p/s: tlg lar mimpi die mlm nih..plisss

Sunday, February 21, 2010

tarik duittt..

sj je wat title gempak..(knon pkai bomoh)

duit ohh duit..

y ekk gaji masuk sgt lmbt..n to make it more allowance from mara are significantly higher than my paid..aiyo wat to do..

have to post pone all the wishlist that i dream out for so long...(read with soooooo veryyy long mode)... at this time aku mule berangan kalo lah aku ank raje brunei sume leh beli tnjuk jer in a blink of eye da dpt..owhh heaven nyer..(dats y x dpt) tp x per la bersyukur lar @least dpt jd anak Razak dr anka lain.huhu (earth to Nabila)..

want to say goodbye apathy to my wishlist...

p/s: the wishlist r mine to keep 4eva..
dlm xde duit aku beli pj's n cd lead year..(xthu lar best ke x, kalo x best mmg tensi ahh beli)

Saturday, February 20, 2010



1st u said like this, then u said like that...
fed up n dejected by all of it...
do wat u tink best 4 me..n i dun wanna care about it..
wait n c this coming july..

like i care

p/s: late update coz got slightly fever

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


i nk hupdate mlm ni..weee

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

bz..really bz..

im working..busy..really busy...i dont have time 4 other things..ehemmm...

see how bz i am...

bz again...

ignore da old air con dat in my room..i redo org nyer,
ape company bg i hamek~!!

look bz isnt..??
(mati lar pe nk tulis dlm log book)
(p/s tudung pasar mlm 5hengget)

Monday, February 8, 2010

sukati i lah

on my way to sg petani..excited sgt until sesat twice!

my excited faces

ok juz bought a work shirt @ FOS, Village Mall...
owhh from outside sgt indah, but wen inside owhh bebeh almost everything under come they could opened it???

nabila perasan

Sunday, February 7, 2010

dear diary

my mind been thinking lot of things about wat to rite in da blog..but my hand was so lazy to type..(is it normal) heh~! well any hoe...i juz got back from old town for tea picx peeps sory..ok 4 me a chicken ham n cheese (auwww cedap sgt especially when da cheese melting on da ham) n root beer float (ok i admit, a bit mabuk,after dat atok has to drive me home..yeah since i drank a whole glass besar beer..) bowdo nabila..


mine also( picx courtesy of google)

atok had a tuna sandwich n tropicana juice...after dat we when home...

owh yeah last saturday i wen to da bbq party made specially for practical students in our company..(not free ok,have to pay RM15 hengget~!!) but after lot of thinking been done, its worth it since we got 3meals bebeh yeah 3 meals..(tp x sedap, nabila jgn demand)..

ok to be short..da bbq party suck;da foods bad; da games stupid; n da people dumb~!! n i wen back early n did not wait for da damn bbq! huh

owhh back 2 today activities.. after merayau2 here n there wit atok (ohh yeah i cucu mthali bwk atok ke mane2 since she's my banker bebeh, gile ko nk tggl) ok wen we arrived home, im like always switch on streamyx n lappy...

later after marghrib prayer, laundry time..(stock 1 week bju keje bru nk basuh) auwww felt like very matured typing "keje" ..

then wen time to hang all of da clothes, i terpandang my zoo crocs (zoo?? yeah zoo since i don get da chance to own a pet T_T hanya di atas crocs je yg i mampu bela animals pathetic nyer kau Nabila) ok enuff of da mourning.. i ade mr mad cow, i ade shaun da sheep, i ade mr white munky, n miss zebra (miss since she wore bra) and lastly my beautiful mrs mermaid..

my crocs was soo n very dirty( nk tnjukkn betapa kotor nyer) until i cant remember their colours anymore..n fyi, i don ever remember mrs mermaid hair was blonde since i tot she was brunette..ahahha..

nevertheless, they are live in their farm except mrs mermaid in da sea happily ever after.. n tomorrow i will walk my head up, since my zoo crocs cleans n sparkling from miles (cewah metafore)..
mrs mermaid si blondie gojes

n i hate work damn much~!!! T_T

Saturday, February 6, 2010

plisss understand

im exhausted..
when u gonna understand dat???
sunday = rest

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


im a dreamer...
distant dreamer ...
got lot of dreams..
have to work till ass to make it come true..
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