Tuesday, December 29, 2009


read my mind...haha

actually i've got sumting in my mind rite now..im currently wanted 2 make a blog selling used n brand new things..but im still thinking da pros n cons of it..

thinking about wat 2 sell..im still try 2 figure out about da things im gonna sell..


juz wait n c


thats wat u get when u came back from krabi..hahaha sunburn owhhh en.burn tq for da colour..hahah tp aku x kesah coz da trip wat superb..

i jz got backed from thai.went there for 5 days..1st we went 2 hat yai then we went 2 krabi..da experience was far more than wonderful ceewahh..sumpah best.. our trip-- 5 cars + 5 big bike from my father's bikers club..

our group members came from around asia..malaysian (ofcoz) + bruneian+ singaporean.....

upload da picx later...

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

nak mintak donation lar..

drolling over this thing now!! next year gotta buy it..

some1 out there yg sgt generous dr Oprah..plis menderma kpd aku..utk memeli i-pod touch, gadjet yg very da superb ini..huummmm plis plis da buat muker kucing nih...

p/s: still drolling till now..

Saturday, December 12, 2009


wat did u want..or da most sopan way 2 pronounce was aper ko nk hah??!
eeee...geram nyer..

i really really really don understand lar wat he's trying 2 do n wat he really want from me...

its juz felt like playing see saw wit him..sometimes im up sometime im down..he could change my emotion juz like a finger snap..sighed~!!

im realy tired of it,but i cannot run from it..

owh God pliz make my suffering end a.s.a.p....

i sometimes felt like its better if i sleep for a very long time, then wake up in my wedding day..soo dat i don have to faced this stupid n painful feeling of fallin in lurve...

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

aku yg byk raser..

aku x sure..
aku xselesa..
aku confused..
aku boley jd gler..
aku nk lupekan sume..
aku nk hepy..
aku nk ilangkan kau..
jgn kacau aku..
leave me alone..
stop buat aku sedey..
im tired of all this unsure n unpredictable bullshit..
aku nk mcm yg derang rase..
aku nk..
tp bile time aku..??
aku malu ngn org lain..
aku nk tahu kenapa ko bole relax mcm tu..
aku da makin tua..
im too old for all this rubbish..
im need a secure things..
aku da luah..
aku nangis lg..
aku makin bowdo..
aku makin tired..
it is unexplainable feelings..
makin byk aku dream, makin jauh hope aku..
aku da makin stress..
da makin jauh..
da makin sakit..
aku nk settle sumenye..
tp aku xmampu..
bia aku simpan sume ni sampai (unwritten).........

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

god give all of the patience..

OMG...i didnt knoe wat happen to me yesterday n da day b4 it...

ok da story goes like this..

on my way to my new house which is located onnn tuuttt tuttt...i got a text message from the person that i've tried all my life 2 forget..yes, Arifth, Dont- want-me-no-more-broke-my-heart-I-know-he-wasn't-right-for-but-it-still-hurt-Arifth. My stomach dropped, my hand shaking to nervous to open that damn message..hurmmm this is wat he said hi u...


u hurt me then u act like nothing happen,hey come on larr..go to hell n may u burn in hell..i hope i reply that..

but then this is wat i reply, hey hi 2 u 2... aper nk jd ko ni nabila...wake up wake up!!! earth 2 nabila...

aku tahu aku bowdo n i still doing da stupid mistake again n again...

for 1 n half day i text with him like i used to do when im stil in da relationship wit him.. but then on yesterday evening, i said to him that i need to be clearer about his feeling 2 me..n i also said that when ex's text with 1 another,1 of us will going to hurt again n clearly da person that hurt da most 4 da 2nd time was me...me all alone...hurmmm

this were his answer, he ashamed of wat he done 2 me n my family, n he dont want to hurt me anymore..n he said if there is some other guy wants me just go, n dont wait 4 him...ko ingt ko hero hindustan ker...aadoiii saba je lar...

easy 4 him 2 said, im da 1 whose feeling all of his shit..

i dont noe wat 2 do n wat 2 said...wat should i do...thre will be other guy 4 me???

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

raye dam aji..

hahaha raye aji like always in perak wuhuuu!! aku suker...everybody gets 2 gather except my 2 "derhaka" uncle (hello, ever1 have their own family affairs rite)...n acu...yes acu!! was planning to suprise atok by saying that she didnot came back 4 rayer but will arrive sebelom subuh kate nyer.. the result of ke "salt tian" mulut nyer, dier x dpt juga balik kg becoz of her house was being robed that nite..siannn acu, everything!i meant everything was gone...its ok acu mayb Allah nk test u n hopefuly u dpt hikmah Nya yg lebih besar after dis...aminnn.....

rayer morning...

wake up in the crack of dawn (kunun nyer tp kalo ikut real time aku di kire bgn lambat) coz sumer org da g smyg rayer aku jer yg tinggal...

after they got backed from masjid, we having breakfast together..rendang landak seriously, im not kidding....

nite of rayer

lepak reramai gosipppp...gosip...tgk tb sesamer...

midnite of rayer...

mencabutkan diri with da cousin2 watching midnite movie.."Ninja Assasin".. the movie was ok still think worth of money to paid 4 da ticket..but the blood in the movie was not convincing enuff..da blood was soo cair n juz like water from tap..hahaha x logicccc!! nevertheless, rain acting was quite cool n his english was ok 4 a korean...siap slang lg..tp dier byk action than talking..

the day after raye

wake up a bit late...having breakfast n follow ude g sight seeing..ahaha konon..
firstly, we're planning 2 go 2 karaoke but then all the karok place was closed..wat da hell!!
then we planned 2 wanet 4 bowling...huhu then off we go, haha having a great time..
later that nite, 1 whole family want there to start a "MAIMUNAH'S FAMILY BOWLING TOURNAMENT" hahaha.. n the winner was pak ude,2nd place nana n da 3rd was makteh...i was to awesome(barney's stail wait 4 it) 2 b on da top 3..hahaha..

ok there goes my perfectly unplanned schedule for da hari rayer dam aji.. i was soo gratefull to belong to this lovingly awesome family..aminnnn
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