Saturday, February 19, 2011

hectic n democratic

As salam all,

Ok title tu xde kene mengena pon,sj letak coz rite now my uni tgh giler ber election..
Its like 4eva da xupdate blog ni,
If u read my prvious entry u noe I'm @uni now,
With a tons of asgment 2 fin with in a very short semester,
Haih bole gile ni.

N life here is not wat I've imagined b4 completely diff from my cllge experiences.
Its true wat people said be careful wat cha wish 4 coz u jz might get it.
Hahah I'm appreciated to be given a chance to study here,jz life a little sucky here.
Enuff of dat. I hope u guys in a well condition

Till then. Xoxo

P/s: y I couldn't upload my pic here. Damn la bb!!
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