Sunday, September 27, 2009

cursing n swearing more than before


its nearly 7.30 ride gonna arrived at Seri Manjung terminal around 7.30 ish...
sigh....i don wan to go back to my cell(which is my room) n to da prison (KPM)..but i have to since next semester was my last year i dont have to stay in KPM anymore..wee~! just keep thinking about it (siok nyer).. adoi at da same time aku da terbayang the enviroment when i am on da bus..sigh again..there will be mat indon, mat bangla n many other "overseas mamat" .. hahaha anyway i will be rarely online or update this blog since i have to go to cafe to get the network n i am very lazy to go there.. so soo long blog n so long suckerssss..ahahahahah

cursing n swearing..

wat a hot hulk..

my mouth was bz cursing n swearing rite now...

who know about the bloody unwanted solicitations!!!

"bangkai" messing with my my half almost done essay. huarghhhhhhhhhhhh im turning green rite now.

don noe how to relate the words with my essay..hurmmmmm !@#%$^%#!


aiyoooo..after lunch im still in front of laptop online..rite now im busy downloading paramore new album- brand new eyes and im still not started working on my essay..hahaha aiyo what happen to me??maybe there is a "BIG L" on my forehead not for loser but LAZY!!

earth to nabilla..wakeup do ur assignment..!!!!!!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

csc oh csc...

ohhh essay

oh no!!! i still didn't finish my csc essay about global communities..hemmmm..... all the information about it i 've collected but still not started to write yet..maybe after my lunch i will start doing it..hopefully aminnn..luckily, it just a 400 words essay..fuhhhh...the heppy part is, im not coming to class tomorrow huhu coz my bus was tomorrow on 7.30 am bcause the ticket was sold out.. i don mind at all..frankly speaking i was HEPPY with it...weeeee~!

hari raye hectic..





it was da best raye ever been celebrated(over nampak)..ahhaha.. everyone was backed in atok's house on the second day of raye..we(my family,ude's family n acu's family) purposely planned not to came backed on first day of raya(since they're all celebrated it on rheir in laws house) so that we all could spend days in atok's house..huhu soooo clever fmily arrived Perak(which is Lekir,hometown) around 9p.m ish...when we got there everyone was already there, the kids were busy playing with bunga api + mercun while the "oldies" hahaha gathering in font of atok's chatting and gossiping between each other since this is the only time we could met all families(soo many things need to catch up between us) while eating kuih raye..
on the third raye--- we all "convoi" with 6 cars all together went to Malim Nawar (tok mok's house, my late nenek's cousin)..this was the first time i met him..he made chicken curry n tosei especially for our was soo damn delicious, fingers lickin good.huhu then we went to Kampar, which was my previous hometown before atok moved to many childhood memories there. XD we visit ayahanda's house(atok long lost friend).. after that we went to my mak ngah's house n then backed to Lekir around was a tiring hari raye visit but all the day we went through was priceless..huhu its hrd to gather all families together since they're busy with their life now..

Thursday, September 17, 2009

ohhh ohhh ohhh balik kampung


im going back to malacca tommorow morning, must be so tired but it will all dissappeared when i reach there huhu i cant wait to make 'kuih raye' with my aunts n watch my uncle making 'lemang'..buttt i cannot online for couple of days because there is no internet connection there and i want to concentrate on raye..ahahah (sound serious rite)..anyway i will write my entry as soon as i came backed..muahhh love u guys.. n SELAMAT HARI RAYA again..xoxo XD

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

break fasting + breaking da laws

This is the first time im breaking the college laws hahaha im can be count as nerd because even now im in semester five, im still afraid to break the laws tht stated-cannot came back late before 6 p.m..
im having a good time though..huhu its was an unforgetable memory for me n i tink for them also..its still fresh in my memory how we getting warning for one guys whose in his thirty,to slow down our voice in the restaurant..we cant help because of this one stupid joke mention by pendek (the jokes cannot be stated here)..haahahahahahha soo funnyyyy.. hopefully our plan for dinner outside together again in the week after we came back from raye holiday will accomplish..
i also want to take this chances to wish SELAMAT HARI RAYER MAAF ZAHIR DAN BATIN to madam susilawati,frens n family...

Friday, September 11, 2009 coming home dis wednesday!!!

huhu the best thing ever.. im going back to my home town dis coimg wednesday for hari raye holiday... my ride was on 6pm...i must be really damn tired to waited for the bus.. but its all doesnt matter as long i got to celebrate rayer with my fmly..huhuhu im realy excited thinking about the rayer enviroment...the food, new clothes, n most important "DUIT RAYER"..huhu realy cant wait..but this coming rayer i'll have to celebrate it without my atok...hurmmmmm....

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


  • the first worst things (which happened couple of days after my bufday)
    my bf who i known for 3 years n i hook up for 1 years finally dumped me!!can u imagine that??? da best bufday present ever i've got from sum1 that im totally in lurve 2.....hahahahah (im so blind) really in a heart broken mood for 1 month, n frankly speaking im stil thinking about him till dis day..da reason why i broke off with him let be a mystery among both of us only..n its clearly not bcoz of third person(like u guys have in ur mind rite now)huhu........

  • the worst things (which happened a few weeks after my bufday)
    my atok who in my father side passed away on 8th August 2009 on 4pm was da most most most most sad really hard 2 describe in words ;((
    now i dont have 'atoks' in both side my abah n my ibu side..just left the 'neneks'... now im appreciate them better than before..mayb bcoz im currently not prepare to loose neneks this time..huhuhu i misss u neneks...

can u imagine being in my shoe?????? its really devastating n break me apart....

drugs..scandals..shoping---> really cannot cure my broken hearts when it happened..its true what people said only time can cure broken heart....

p/s--- >my frens n family really supporting n stood up for me..n im very(million very) touched by them..

n its still left a pieces in my heart...n maybe this is a test from above, to shows that He still love me even i've made soo many sins in my life. n hopely this ramadhan will make me become a better person in every aspects..aminnnnnn

my very 1st entry


this is da very 1st time, i wrote this post... a bit awkward at first n mayb it will become better in da next coming post..

im gonna start this blog by telling about myself...hope u guys bear 2 read it....

my name is Nabila Razak..
people called me belle..
rite now im persuing my diploma in Mara Professional College in Indera Mahkota Pahang n this is my final semester before im going for practical next semester on january 2010..(cant wait actually bcoz im thinking about the paid i will get monthly from the company)hahahaha...

rite now im in college n staying in the hostel that been provided by college room number 01-12...(stop by if u want)..
my real home was in Perak...
it is a new developing town whith a lot of residentials...u will shock when u see not joking it was crowded with residentials there were 3c,2g,3a,2a,1c,3f.even i got lost in it..

im currently turning 20..
its a big number to me n bring a lot of new n unexpected changes in my life...

a lot of things happen 2 me when im turning to this age...

n there are 2 unforgetable memories that i will not forget till the day i die..(serious >;0)..

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