Thursday, December 30, 2010

random 10- reality check ahead

salam peeps..

i'll b leavin this childish n crappy blog of mine..for weeks or months mayb..due to my submition to my new direction in life which is UNI... shivering n get a lil goosebumps juz by imagining it!!

will i surviving studenthood ?

will i get frens there?

can i keep up with da environment?

can i mix n mingle around?(im a type of person who doesnt noe how to start a conversation!!

can i archive a better result than in dip??

there were lot more question running n flooding my tiny mind rite now...

n da answers is

yes i can

OhMG im so damn nervous...

earth to nabila! there will b no more goofing around n last minute type of study for this time...i wish~!!

p/s: im doing some last minute checkup...
p/s/s: its like never ending preparations..

plis pray for me..tanks a lot...

not to forget

hepy new year dear age new resolution...
sincerely from me n family...

tanks 4 reading
credit google!

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