Friday, September 30, 2011


I heard that you're settled down
That you found a girl and you're married now.

I heard that your dreams came true. Guess she gave you things I didn't give to you.

Old friend, why are you so shy?
Ain't like you to hold back or hide from the lie.

I hate to turn up out of the blue uninvited but I couldn't stay away, I couldn't fight it.
I had hoped you'd see my face and that you'd be reminded that for me it isn't over

Never mind, I'll find someone like you. I wish nothing but the best for you too. Don't forget me, I beg. "I'll remember", you said.
Sometimes it lasts in love but sometimes it hurts instead.

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Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Allah Says:-

Try to Walk on My Way,
I'll Make all the Ways Easy for you.

Try to Spend your Wealth in My Way,
I'll Open Oceans of Treasure for you.

Try to Leave your Wills for Me,
I'll Make your Desired Destiny for you.

Try to Bear Pain on My Way,
I'll Open the Doors of My Care for you.

Try to Believe in Me,
I'll Make Sincere Friends for you.

Try to Be Mine,
I'll Make Everyone for you !‚

p/s: its easy but not everyone can achieve it. Including me
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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

..Skips a beat?maybe not now..

I have promise myself not to reminisce back all the things that ripped inside me before, now here I am on my back commemorating all the memories. I broke my own promised.

Its not easy to build bricks around your heart when u have been shoved with all the mellow dramas by numerous actors and actresses every single days of ur life here.

I know I shouldn't be worried about when it gonna come but just to honour it with all my life when the time have come.

p/s: I am human don't ever forget that.
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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Random guy

I don know why but a guy with a beard really got my attention now.

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Saturday, September 10, 2011


Hello luvly,

Now I'm here at my rumah sewa although I have been givin 4months holiday its still not enough. And the raya I had this year was not the best raye as I thought,its juz an ok raya.

Still no news about oreo, I'm starting to give up on hoping for him to come back. :'( seriously I'm crying when I'm typing this n I'm crying even more when I saw his piccas n video of me n him. I know he juz a cat but to me he's more than that he's like my lil brother. I know it sound crazy but I don give a damn.

P/s: I don't want to pet anything from now. First there was icky then oreo. Hurmmm :'(
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Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Kenkadang even if you keep reloading, refreshing, restarting,rebooting, resetting its still not gonna change a thing.
N its a sucky yucky dumb dumb feeling.

p/s: aku cakap kenkadang..
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Monday, September 5, 2011

Random dream

Yesterday I had the most weirdest + best dream ever.

I dreamt of going to New York for a holiday with my family. We visited lots of places that I don't even know where and strolling along rows of shop lots that selling cool stuffs and surprisingly in that dream everything seems so cheap regardless the money rate exchange. Durghh it was a dream remember.

While I was busy doing the thing I was good at (if u know me well u
U will know what) Bamm! I woke up from the expensive dream just like that I tell u. Hahaha

Potong stim sangat...
I tried hard to get to sleep again in order to continue my dream back but sadly tak boleh tido so there is no sequel or part b of it. :(

So here I am typing this from my bed trying hard to closed my eyes and keep thinking, imagining,fantasizing about NY to make it appear again in my dream.

p/s: wish me luck n I'll see u in NY peeps!
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Sunday, September 4, 2011


Dear Allah,

I hope you heard my prayers this time.

Please don't make the same incident like the previous year repeats it history.

May u keep him safe wherever he are at this time,may he able to find his way back home.

I love him too much dear Allah.
Hope to wake up with a great news tomorrow morning insyallah..

p/s: d only reason y I hate to get too attach with feelings :(
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Random rambling

Who said life will be easy?
God would not test you if He know u cannot handle it..
Being me is not easy as well as being them.
Observing and living with them just a second make me thought how life will treat me later?
Even dealing with self,was a great deal challenge now. How on earth I will react and respond to mine when the day has come?
Hurmmm its a mix feeling and its not the kind of feeling everyone will favor.

p/s: I know it will come eventually
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