Wednesday, February 22, 2012

L is for Lembab

salam and HEPY NEW YER

i know its too late but what da heck i still gonna wish u guys...

as expected lot of things happened to me during the absence of my new posts in here.. some roller coaster ride and bumpy road yang i've been thru...

but wat eva it is im so not ready to start this new semester which is on 5.3 ni..

next sem will be my 4th semester here.. unfortunately my frens which are 1 semester ahead me telling their hard experienced and my friend,it is not so pleasant to listen to at all..i repeat AT ALL!!..

even this sem pon terkedek-kedek nak struggle and keeping up..i cant imagine myself next sem mcm mane..Ya Allah goosebumps tau bile pikir..adoii

but anyhow for the time being im just gonna enjoy every bit of holiday left... n this coming saturday we will be going for a quick unforeseen vacey with the familia..

ok bye2... god bless..

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