Thursday, December 30, 2010

random 10- reality check ahead

salam peeps..

i'll b leavin this childish n crappy blog of mine..for weeks or months mayb..due to my submition to my new direction in life which is UNI... shivering n get a lil goosebumps juz by imagining it!!

will i surviving studenthood ?

will i get frens there?

can i keep up with da environment?

can i mix n mingle around?(im a type of person who doesnt noe how to start a conversation!!

can i archive a better result than in dip??

there were lot more question running n flooding my tiny mind rite now...

n da answers is

yes i can

OhMG im so damn nervous...

earth to nabila! there will b no more goofing around n last minute type of study for this time...i wish~!!

p/s: im doing some last minute checkup...
p/s/s: its like never ending preparations..

plis pray for me..tanks a lot...

not to forget

hepy new year dear age new resolution...
sincerely from me n family...

tanks 4 reading
credit google!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

random 9

suddenly every1 becoming Malaysian die hard fan soccer supporters.....hahhaha including me~!! typical betul i ni, dlu time kalah haram nk all da ladies in malaysia busy searching for Khairul Fahmy n Safee Sali fanpage in fb..hahahhahah (ok im not in this group)

p/s: btw, congrats to all Malaysia's players...good job la!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

random 8-owh my un-rockness!

have u ever feel like a plastic bag??ceh copy paste from firework lyric..huhu

have u ever felt like a loser..wen u have to read all the lovey dovey cheesyy meeesy love status of ur frens talking about how hepy they r in their rship in fb??

i did!!

haha i dont blame them, its juz me who don have a bf yet dats y..if i have 1 i will b in that group either i tink..ngeee~!

its been 2years (lost count alrdy) without a rship..owh crappp that long???yupp that long..

no im not lesbian! haha

its juz that my future hubby is on his way to find me n he was too freakin ego to ask for direction i guess...hahah

boo.. i tink u should buy this compass so u will find me..

p/s: owh 'YOU' even though i dont noe who u r YET! will u get to me as fast as u could??jz come here by chopper or plane or juz buy a damn GPS, what ever it takes as long as i could meet u now...i admit its sound a lil bit desperado but do i care??hahah tp xde la smpai nk register kat website im not dat nazak...


Sunday, December 26, 2010

random 7

for those who drove using Sg.Petani to Baling road today..plis think about others !!some are driving like they've been struck by epilepsy and some are driving like they was in a gondala taking all the breeze n environment around them..

my mouth cant stop cursing all da way...this is all bussit!! (pnjm ayat husein kak limah)

p/s: damn la
p/s/s; for those who dont noe wat the heck is gondola..scroll down..


Tuesday, December 21, 2010

random 6

salam ever1,

sory for lack of update!been bz going backed to malacca for tahlil of my late g.fther n settling all da documents needed for uni...

yup i've been accepted to 1 uni here in msia early next year i will b in a new environment back to study mode..feel a lil nervous n anxious..

theres still alot of things need to be pack n i feel like im not ready!but this is da moment i've been waiting my whole life...

so i would like to wish myself n those who read this post that will facing da same new phrase like me ...

a best of luck to all of u..may we will b under His guidance thru out our stdy time..lets us do our best n aiming for better results ahead (dean's award kalo bole)ehehe

p/s: mix emotions

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

random 5- button up!

hello...yeah button up everybody!!!!

hahah no la, actually i was a button maniac now..yup button da one u used to paste ur shirt together so there will b anything pop out..hahahah yup BUTANG!

dis habit happened xcidently when my mum stitching buttons to curtains dat we've juz bought from Reject Shop d other day..y did i do that??it is bcoz in this new home we only have the rail type of railing to hang the curtains so buttons need to be stitch there..

knowing me, i have ZERO knowledge in this stitch business since i don have a gifted hand about the art..

so my mum taught me how to sew a button, it looks easy @ first wen she do it, but after passing hand to mine it was damn hard since it was my first time sew it.. but after several trial im now mastering in this button arena(hahahaha exaggerative lebey) so now everything in this house i wanna button it! ahahha im addicted to i eat button, dream about button..

p/s: proudly sew buttons to 4 curtains another 2 curtains blom lg heheheee...
p/s/s: anyone want me to used my buttoning service????hahahha

proud face of da stitcher!

this videyo for u BUTTONS yup u r my other half..

videyo credit to utube!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010



i was bloghopping thru blog ofcz! hehe n i've read my best fren's blog post about our jejak kasih (our so called lil reunion for 3 of us) we've been fren since forever i guess hahaha no la since im in standard 2 n until now..

so to make this story short, at d end of her post she wrote 1 quote that really popped out my eyes n make me think about da rejection i've been thru n my love life..

so here is da quote...

bila Allah makbulkan doa kamu,
maka Dia menyayangi kamu.
bila Dia lambat makbulkan doa kamu,
maka Dia mahu menguji kamu.
bila Dia tidak makbulkan doa kamu,
maka Dia merancang yang lebih baik untuk kamu.
maka bersangka baik kepada Allah dalam apa jua keadaan sekalipun.


p/s: wonderful quote is it?? i don noe about u, but this really helped me being thru wat i have to faced now..

tanks nadia :))

Monday, December 13, 2010


have u ever wish or wonder or imagine??

wen u come out from a fitting room

ur bf or ur hubby was really amazed until their

jaw dropped


drooling lookin at u???

would it b a wonderful feelin??

p/s: to much of tv i think..bad influence day dreamer!
picx credit: google

Sunday, December 12, 2010


arrived stretching myself on this brown couch while surfing da net..what else fb n blog for sure..

i tink rite now fb didnt give me da satisfaction anymore...plain jane everyday...
(do u guys feel da same, or is it me??)

found a kitten wandering @ da backed of my home.he was very damn skinny n small(afraid i might crush his bones while picking him up)..made him a bowlful of milk n some friskees .. idk y im so emotionally attached with cat rite now..

gonna start up my new maal hjrah resolution, has bribed nabil to join me..he accepted it..hehe so new mission here i am...

p/s: wish me luck

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


salam evelibadi!!

i will b going back to my other home today around 2ish..yippy yippy...i love da weather here but i love the old home more bcoz i was brought up there..huhu too much memories there n at least i got frens thre..

nadia n wunny plis clear all ur appointment bcoz im back at town!!!!

p/s: i jz got backed from dental checkup..i need to meet them next jan..damn i hate dentist!

Monday, December 6, 2010

i should b punish!!

salam peeps..

yup i should b punish or spank(hey dont think anythg kinky hokey)heheh bcoz i've abundant this blog of mine for how many months??(i also have lost count)hahaha..

its not bcoz im super duper bz or anything had happened..its jz simply bcoz i am very da MALAS..(rase nyer my mls was as high as Burj Dubai)

yup dis high! ahaha

n as usual there were millions things has past by which leave a permanent marked in me..
n rite now i tink both bad n good things equally became my stretch marks..hahahha

n yeah a lot( a lot nabila??)of peeps keep asking me y i didnt update my blog for such a long time..i also didnt noe how to answer them..i hearts writing i really do..but its jz my malasness brain washing still hopping here n there reading others blogs..its jz seem like their life is much more interesting than my own life..its like watching the keeping up with da kardashians really was so much fun reading others blog than mine..dats wat making me more malas to update my bloggy..

ok i better stop now..till then

p/s: i hope i will update this darling of mine more oftenly..
p/s/s: all picx credits to my teacher

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