Monday, December 6, 2010

i should b punish!!

salam peeps..

yup i should b punish or spank(hey dont think anythg kinky hokey)heheh bcoz i've abundant this blog of mine for how many months??(i also have lost count)hahaha..

its not bcoz im super duper bz or anything had happened..its jz simply bcoz i am very da MALAS..(rase nyer my mls was as high as Burj Dubai)

yup dis high! ahaha

n as usual there were millions things has past by which leave a permanent marked in me..
n rite now i tink both bad n good things equally became my stretch marks..hahahha

n yeah a lot( a lot nabila??)of peeps keep asking me y i didnt update my blog for such a long time..i also didnt noe how to answer them..i hearts writing i really do..but its jz my malasness brain washing still hopping here n there reading others blogs..its jz seem like their life is much more interesting than my own life..its like watching the keeping up with da kardashians really was so much fun reading others blog than mine..dats wat making me more malas to update my bloggy..

ok i better stop now..till then

p/s: i hope i will update this darling of mine more oftenly..
p/s/s: all picx credits to my teacher

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