Sunday, August 14, 2011


I'm 22 already,
But somehow I don't know what I have achieve in life,that I should be as old as my age is.

Still crawling towards an education, still crawling to pick up a bit of experiences in life and still crawling to know myself in depth.

Honestly, there's a bit of jealously seeing other's achievements in their early age. While me still here sitting still ,observing them from the bench cheering and applauding for them.

I saw and read about their great adventures in life, that makes me starts to thinks about myself. Sometimes I felt like I wanna be at par with them. As I keep regulating the same motions and actions every single days of my life.

This is totally wrong ,supposedly I shouldn't have this kind of thought since there are far more disfortunate people out there that willing to trade their life with me.

Who am I to questioned about life. Others may lucky since they already find their greatest achievement in an early age. It somehow start with me to change it right.? Thank God,He still have His mercy on me,by granted me the chance of living in this world. Maybe in my life there is no happy ending yet, my story still in the prologue. I'm just 22 there's so many things that I haven't see and experience yet why am I thinking so much further ahead. Sigh!

"To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment" - Ralph Waldo Emerson.

After a lot of thinking about everything that I have been through in my whole 22 year old life. There were a lot of greatest achievements I have reached so far, I have able to made my parents proud by surviving 3 years of surferring for a scroll and there's one more coming soon, surviving my first job even though its only for 3months, surviving the break up even though its not an easy thing to get out from and the lists go on...
Whatever your greatest achievement are, we sure have something to be proud of.

Note to self: Everyone had great achievements everyday-they probably just don't recognise them yet...
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