Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Surat cinta kepada bff <3

Dear farah,
How r u? I hope u r in da pink of health..its been so long since u got my last letter rite??sory I've been super bz.

Farah, the reason I wrote to u again is to tell u dat I am so very absolutely very again jealous with ur sister's album about the bandung thingy n also I juz saw my friend's album about da same thingy.seems like evrybody got da bandung album except us. N it makes me feel so out of date.
I have a lil suggestion here,why don't we work extra hard next semester n save a lot of money for Bandung.!yes u heard me rite BANDUNG!! Juz da two of us will be nice like our recently trip.

Last but not least please give some feedback regards my suggestion here n do write it back. Since we need to plan it from now.

Ok bye from now n I will be missing u...

p/s: I'm serious

p/s/s: melaka again will do or how about sgpore??

Ur bff xoxo
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