Monday, August 22, 2011

random habits

hello there,

everyone sure have a bad habit n im not an exceptional.. aside from picking nose LOL!, biting nails, n many others bad irritating annoying habits. n yeah new self-discoveries i do have a lot of bad habit...

all of these habit has been with me since my early age..some of it first started by" just wanna give it a try" n some started when i want to annoy people but sadly it has become a part of me now..

ok im gonna share my old time hard to die habits,,

#1. biting nails........!

LILO also havin da same habit

Its first started when i saw my cousin biting her nails on my aunt's wedding which was 14 years backed if im not mistaken. n by watching her biting her nails, i started to give it a try because its looks really fun at that time.. i know stupid reason but its a true story ;)
up until now i still caught up with this bad habit of late grandpa used to scold me when he saw me biting my nails. His favorite words are "ok lepas ni ko gigit kuku kaki aku plak" sound harsh rite but i don't mind because i know he love me so much...<3
When some people noticed me biting my nails they will asked whats im nervous for?
Im not biting it when im nervous its just that i'll bite it when i have a free time and sometimes I don't ever notice myself doing that.. unconscious behaviour.
My fingers nail never grow long since they don't get the chance to do so..LOL!
n that's the reason why i have a very ketot fingers nail n da only reason why i don't go for manicure because its a waste of money since i will ended up biting it juga .... but i do go for pedicure since i dont bite my jari kaki..ehh kotor...

#2. Picking zits

Dont try this at home

ok i have to admit..this is da most bad-est habit among all the a result it will leave a permanent scars on the spot. but i dont know why, i do love to pick zits whether its mine or others..My usual target will be my lil brother zits....
have u ever been in the situation; where u were talking with ur friends/bf/mom (and who ever u talking to) n u saw a zit right on their face can u ignore it?? ohh i dont know about u but i sure cant stand it... so people make sure u hide ur zits when u encounter with me..hahhaha

#3. Im a bubble wrap maniac

Tengok sekarang pon mcam geram je...(ketap bibir)

This is my favvy habit when i was a kid n now also kinda favvy juga ngee~!
Do u know what is bubble wrap?? Alaa da thing that we used to wrapping furniture when we moved out and the thing that people also used to cover camera, phone or anythings.. Its a pliable transparent plastic material commonly used for packing fragile items, its provide cushioning for precious or breakable items..Ala tipu la kalau xpernah nampak..
Its kind of amusement for me till now, when u press da bubble it would make a loud pop sound and ahhhh its a satisfaction bebeyh LOL! I still remember when my dad bought something and the thing was placed inside a bubble wrap, me n my 2 other sibling will fighting against each other just for da sake of that bubble wrap..LOL
I will sit on it, step on it, dance on it, squeezing it macam kain buruk..owhh only god knows what other things i do to it..

Ok here are the 3 # bad habits that i still doing until now...There were a lot actually, but hey i don't want to share it with u guys and some are remains confidential...U have to discover it by urself hehe...

Bad habits are like a comfortable bed, easy to get into but hard to get out of......right right right??
and its true what people said bad habits die hard...

p/s: im doing one right now, guess what???

all pic mr google..

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