Saturday, August 6, 2011

I ni sensitive tau. Hahaha

Hello peeps! Its me!!who me? Yeah u? Who? Yeah me! (Ok annoying)

How's ur fasting going??
ok back to topic.. Its not sensitive yg emo or touching2 tu. Its about a sensitive skin. Yeah I'm da type of person who easily suffering for dis symptom. As far as I could remember I severely caught this sensitive skins disease (SSD) when I was little. But when I turn 20 I caught it easily n oftenly. But da far worst happened last year, almost evry month I kene. N to make it worst, I kene mostly at shah alam while studying n u noe rite, when we sick we preferably wanna b sick at home!

since its so regularly I rase cm da immune dgn all the red spots n itchy ness. Ingat lagi, last sem I kene back at uitm hostel(I menumpang tido dlm hostel since esok ada event so kena grk awal) bcoz I showered there. Yes, I sendiri xtahu,what's da things yang I sensitive to. T_T habuk,air n mostly sbb udara yg kotor.
N today while helping my mum chop off serai at the back I kene lg gatal2( or I mmg gatal?) Memule xde effect but 15mins later, there u have red spots here n there plus tersangat la gatal nya.
Sudahnya I mandi lg skali.

Owh I xbertanggungjawab menyebab kan u olls lapa bile tengok peha gajah ni.

Ok babe bye.

Yang benar,
Pompuan peha gajah gatal2
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