Monday, June 7, 2010

my water moment..

This is a story about my previous holiday in Krabi Island, Thailand..
da place was a breath taking n packed with people also..i went there with nearly 30+ people of our family's friends from Singapore n Brunei.. tons of activities that can be done there e.g island hopping n snokerlling ..u could choose to venturing da island by urself or hired a tour guide like us did..

da streets were not so busy at day than nite time..full with foreigners from all over da world.

da view infront of our used for island hopping..but if ur group was larger like us beter rent a yacht

da best part island hopping n snorkelling in deep sea...
did u see da deep blue sea..even though im using canon eos but da camera cannot serves me underwater (wats da point of having thousand ringgit camera but cannot used it anywere we want..)
but fear not peeps make way for this brand new

Sony TX5..

gosh that is da reason y i really need (like badly) since this cool gadget are not only water-proof, but shock-proof, temperature-proof and dust-proof too (wat more do u need? for me, its cater all my specs for a cool n da most awesomeness camera in da world ) if u tink its not this: Sony TX5! Proudly bearing the title of the ‘World’s Slimmest Water-proof Camera’ -if i cannot be slim than y shouldnt my camera be..n baby don just forget that it comes in 5 trendy colour..its really a "must have camera" for this year..
It also comes with some awesome functions like iSweep Panorama, Handheld Twilight and anti-motion blur( owhh yess baby). TX5 is not only the ultimate package of beauty and brains, it’s darn near indestructible as well.

So mr nuffnang can i win n have this camera plis plis plis.(like a million plis)so i could dive in n proudly capture any ocean creatures inside it.. even da fish will envy me n wat even worst mayb they will come to me to ask for a pictures..(imagine camwhore fish) hehehhe..damn really want it..

p/s:hopefuly i win this since i will be going to krabi again..hehhe let my imagination of having this cool sony TX5 while in there become a reality.. for more information about sony TX5 click here

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