Thursday, June 10, 2010

balik kg..

my kampung

hello n salam n gd mownink to all...

today after friday prayer my fmly n i will going backed to melaka(lubok cino) kampung den on my father side..its a 6hours ride my backside will be cooked..

anyhow im still excited coz im gonna meet our new family members --muhammad aqif haiqal..
da "aqif"was given by me..ahahaha im such a vain..n da main reason is there is a wedding ceremony 1 of our family there...we'll stay there for 4 days n going back to majung for 4 days also..very adil rite..gosh how i miss manjung..i get to meet nadia n collect da promises that she tabur to me..(actually more to yg i pakse) haha nvm, still c.chop rite??

so there will be no update from my blog n fb since there will be no internet connection there..sigh~!! how am i going to kutip my rent on mytown..hahahha

n yup almost 4get..we'll bringing our icky along..


p/s: wish me a save journey n c u in 8more days..

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Reloading said...

mane ni kuala pilah keR?

nabilla said...

no its melaka

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