Thursday, June 24, 2010

i da dpt( i got it)

hello peeps..

sudah balik dr kg ok goodie bag pon ok cute...lain dr yg lain xla telor je memanjang...(bace dgn xder niat tersembunyi k)..

im rite now is buzying(xder in dic) myself bloghopping other blogs utk menaikkan rating my blog..wahawhaah yes i noe my blog is blog anchovies(ikan bilis) nyer blog..sob..sob...*lap air mate..
ahh persetan semua itu(tiba2) hahaha at least im doing my best trying to improve this blog rating rite...

ok enuff...

tomorow in my area will be no electricity from 7am until 3pm..i was like tv..worst no as a perfect getaway i ask my mum to bring me to any spa or mall outside this ara la ofcoz...harap2 sane ade electricity..

goshh readers,,u notice x my title langsung x kena dgn wat im writing ..

my lens not in this colour ok..

actually my main purpose nk bagtahu that i get already the free trial contact lens from here .. hehe but yet still knowing me im to afraid to try it on..mayb tomorow i wil try to pop it inside my eyes..ahaha n wait for da reveal of it la ekk my face will come out wen i try da lens..hhuhu mood sgt teruja..ok dadaaaa

p/s: my sis said to me: hey u already own a big black eyes exactly how big u want lg?? bengong

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