Tuesday, February 23, 2010


yuppp i was traumatized today...

da story begin when i was driving backed from office around 5 something..later when i passing by MC'D, i saw a commotion and when im closed enuff to the spot i could c theres a person lying with his face facing da road..i was like WTF!! plis don say there was an accident..

lying like this...no kiding

i started to sweat n shivering.. i really hate dis kind of situation..cars n bikes started to slow down since i was on da front i could c it clearly. i saw MCD workers running and some kind man rushing to get out of their cars to help da victim..but i jz stayed in my car n i felt very afraid to come out n to watch it..i jz continue heading home..

n my way home..i juz sweating like pigs n goosebumps along da way..i keep thinking about dat person, wat would her family felt rite now..they expect him to come home safely..n mayb he could only think about thinking for resting at home while eating dinner n watching tv with his family after a long day of working...n without noticed tears run down my eyes..sigh~!! im serious peeps..what if all this things happen to our own family..

have u guys tot about it???

owhh GOD plis don make this things happen to our family..aminn

p/s: plis drive safely n say our prayers before started driving...
hopefuly da victim was fine n will recovering soon..
im sorry i didnt have the guts to help u..guilty!

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