Sunday, February 7, 2010

dear diary

my mind been thinking lot of things about wat to rite in da blog..but my hand was so lazy to type..(is it normal) heh~! well any hoe...i juz got back from old town for tea picx peeps sory..ok 4 me a chicken ham n cheese (auwww cedap sgt especially when da cheese melting on da ham) n root beer float (ok i admit, a bit mabuk,after dat atok has to drive me home..yeah since i drank a whole glass besar beer..) bowdo nabila..


mine also( picx courtesy of google)

atok had a tuna sandwich n tropicana juice...after dat we when home...

owh yeah last saturday i wen to da bbq party made specially for practical students in our company..(not free ok,have to pay RM15 hengget~!!) but after lot of thinking been done, its worth it since we got 3meals bebeh yeah 3 meals..(tp x sedap, nabila jgn demand)..

ok to be short..da bbq party suck;da foods bad; da games stupid; n da people dumb~!! n i wen back early n did not wait for da damn bbq! huh

owhh back 2 today activities.. after merayau2 here n there wit atok (ohh yeah i cucu mthali bwk atok ke mane2 since she's my banker bebeh, gile ko nk tggl) ok wen we arrived home, im like always switch on streamyx n lappy...

later after marghrib prayer, laundry time..(stock 1 week bju keje bru nk basuh) auwww felt like very matured typing "keje" ..

then wen time to hang all of da clothes, i terpandang my zoo crocs (zoo?? yeah zoo since i don get da chance to own a pet T_T hanya di atas crocs je yg i mampu bela animals pathetic nyer kau Nabila) ok enuff of da mourning.. i ade mr mad cow, i ade shaun da sheep, i ade mr white munky, n miss zebra (miss since she wore bra) and lastly my beautiful mrs mermaid..

my crocs was soo n very dirty( nk tnjukkn betapa kotor nyer) until i cant remember their colours anymore..n fyi, i don ever remember mrs mermaid hair was blonde since i tot she was brunette..ahahha..

nevertheless, they are live in their farm except mrs mermaid in da sea happily ever after.. n tomorrow i will walk my head up, since my zoo crocs cleans n sparkling from miles (cewah metafore)..
mrs mermaid si blondie gojes

n i hate work damn much~!!! T_T

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