Wednesday, September 2, 2009

my very 1st entry


this is da very 1st time, i wrote this post... a bit awkward at first n mayb it will become better in da next coming post..

im gonna start this blog by telling about myself...hope u guys bear 2 read it....

my name is Nabila Razak..
people called me belle..
rite now im persuing my diploma in Mara Professional College in Indera Mahkota Pahang n this is my final semester before im going for practical next semester on january 2010..(cant wait actually bcoz im thinking about the paid i will get monthly from the company)hahahaha...

rite now im in college n staying in the hostel that been provided by college room number 01-12...(stop by if u want)..
my real home was in Perak...
it is a new developing town whith a lot of residentials...u will shock when u see not joking it was crowded with residentials there were 3c,2g,3a,2a,1c,3f.even i got lost in it..

im currently turning 20..
its a big number to me n bring a lot of new n unexpected changes in my life...

a lot of things happen 2 me when im turning to this age...

n there are 2 unforgetable memories that i will not forget till the day i die..(serious >;0)..

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