Sunday, September 27, 2009

cursing n swearing more than before


its nearly 7.30 ride gonna arrived at Seri Manjung terminal around 7.30 ish...
sigh....i don wan to go back to my cell(which is my room) n to da prison (KPM)..but i have to since next semester was my last year i dont have to stay in KPM anymore..wee~! just keep thinking about it (siok nyer).. adoi at da same time aku da terbayang the enviroment when i am on da bus..sigh again..there will be mat indon, mat bangla n many other "overseas mamat" .. hahaha anyway i will be rarely online or update this blog since i have to go to cafe to get the network n i am very lazy to go there.. so soo long blog n so long suckerssss..ahahahahah

2 peeps stalk me:

ayu a.k.a syusyui said...

relax gurl...chill out...thats call students don't think too much kay...enjoy!!

nabilla said...

hahaha i've been more than relax now syui..

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