Wednesday, March 31, 2010

searching for novels!!

heloo peeps...

how r u??hope u r in a pink of health (ok ayat cm tulis informal letter time sekolah)

ok straight to da u could c in my post title yes!!i am searching 4 new novels...

ok anybody out there who noe or who own a blogshop selling these novels in a great price...

plis plis plis kamu jgn nakal...(ok sudah lari topic)..\

plis im begging u leave a coment and shoot me da link coz im seriously hunting for this novel....

heres da picx:

1. being nikki by meg cabot

2.air head- meg cabot

3. jinx- meg cabot again

4. queen of bable also by meg cabot

dont ask me y...i also dont noe y it all from meg cabot..soon i will leave in a fictional imaginary romance such a distant dreamer...

p/s tanks for ur cooperation...(ayat surat) bear with me tedy bear

yours sincerely..

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