Friday, March 5, 2010

same name, diff place!

auww nyah today when i opened my fb got a friend request from a girl name nab' coupie...

n to nite she jz buzz me through fb chat n surprisingly her name same like me!! shes da 1 who told me..
i was like OMG (shes from france, n shes a pure french peeps)..
n to make it more dramatically her surname was same like me juzz in diff spelling since france spell slightly diff..(ouchh sgt byk word diff today) i was NABILA RAZAK while she NABILA(i dunno da spelling in french) RAZEK...soooo tidak kah anda terkejot?? i ammm...

n surprisingly again shes muslim but didnot practice Islamic way of life..(sgt sayang) nowonder in her fb photos theres a pic of her holding n kissing dog sigh!

in the nutshell, ahaks i still in a shock mode..

p/s: sy sgt teruja sile jgn maki

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