Tuesday, January 19, 2010


today, my only frens on my prctcl placement ask me...
have u been 2 mecca??
i was like..y do u ask me so sudden...??
then she said no, i juz curious..n
i said ok..no i havent wen thre yet but i wish 1 day i would..
she said..y do muslim went there?is there sumtin thre n do muslims "wajib" to go ther..if they don go there is there any punishment 4 them?

i was like...hisyhhh bnyk tnyer plak tangachi(btul ke aku spell) ni...
ok like this..(aku pon stat explain padahal tkut gak salah)
we as a Muslim we got 5 rukun in Islam.. da 4 is crucial while the last 1 is we could do it if we if we're capable to do it..from money, strength etc.. n its clearly not wajib..

later when we had our lunch, came her sister(fyi, she juz got backed from Bali)..
so i ask her how was Bali, hows da food (soklan cliche' lar we used 2 ask people about their trip)
then kua plak lg soklan berunsur religion lg..(hello ingt aku ustazah bergerak ker?)

her sis plak asking me..when i was in Bali, most of them are westerner n only minority from Malaysia n etc..even for me its hard to find vegetarian food coz most of the stall n restaurant there serves pork..n i also c the Muslim tourists have to enter 1 by 1 restaurant to find da halal 1..y muslim cannot eat pork n anything from pig? n y does i've seen some Malay eat it??

ustazah rabeah (which is aku) pon reply lar.. yup Muslim is forbbitted to consume anyhing that comes from pig because studies n in our Quran stated that consumption of pork causes several diseases eq: a person can have various helminthes like roundworm, pinworm,hookworm, etc.other worms... and they are a filthy animals, they eat and enjoy their own(u noe wat i meant rite) as well as their neighbour’s excreta.yuckssss

n 4 ur 2nd ques (aku terdiam agak segan dgn derang org melayu mkn pork)sigh~!!
juz like indian people not all of ur kaum follow da rules n regulations as an pure Indian..same goes as Malay, not all Malay are Muslims...

ahhh suda suda penat da terang kat drang..hopefuly derang pham lar explanation Ustazah Rabeah..haha

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Zahratulhayat said...

hai ustazah rabeah!

well, they totally curious about Islams.


nadiyaya said...

yeay ustazah.aku respek kau.aku nak tepuk tangan sambil berdiri.jap dalam bi di ape eyh.standig ob...???
haha.aku lupe

nabilla said...

haha hayat: yup they r in a very deep confusion..

nadia: tq tq..adiah xder? bunger ker??

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