Monday, October 3, 2011

Something new, borrow,and blue.

Salam lovelies,

There are so many things happened on da past weekend but I wanna share only one event here.

Last sunday was my kazen engagement day. It was so warm and happening with the blessed of the families and friends.

By looking at her on her pre big day(since its only tunang not her wedding day yet) there are some lil jealousy deep down inside. Its normal right?for lady in my age to felt that way on that day. Hehe.

She looked amazingly different and masyallah soo beautiful by the transformation she been thru on that day. Bcoz she's not the type who put to much colours and makeup on.

A day before her pre big day, I've played with her veil and sat on her mini pelamin. N guess what? I really really really can't wait for my turn. Insyallah.

But a lil turn off for me when, my families keep bugging me with the same question. Da ade someone special ke belum? If only I had I will say it out loud already guys. Xpayah tanya terus I expose kan tapi the problem now is xde lg. Hahaha.

Ok now my next mission is to find someone pronto and drag him to marry me a.s.a.p!! Hahaha

No la juz kid, next mission apart from shake off some weight is to find baju for the next event, BOY's Wedding.

Ok I'll better stop..
Nite beautiful.

p/s: jom main kawin2.
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