Monday, September 5, 2011

Random dream

Yesterday I had the most weirdest + best dream ever.

I dreamt of going to New York for a holiday with my family. We visited lots of places that I don't even know where and strolling along rows of shop lots that selling cool stuffs and surprisingly in that dream everything seems so cheap regardless the money rate exchange. Durghh it was a dream remember.

While I was busy doing the thing I was good at (if u know me well u
U will know what) Bamm! I woke up from the expensive dream just like that I tell u. Hahaha

Potong stim sangat...
I tried hard to get to sleep again in order to continue my dream back but sadly tak boleh tido so there is no sequel or part b of it. :(

So here I am typing this from my bed trying hard to closed my eyes and keep thinking, imagining,fantasizing about NY to make it appear again in my dream.

p/s: wish me luck n I'll see u in NY peeps!
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