Thursday, October 22, 2009 hard..

hermm..its so hard for me to update my blog now since i am in college..hard to get connection..bla..bla..bla...tired n bored..
final juz around da corner but im stil not start study yet.juz keep on watching Victoria Secret Fashion Show.. what happen to u Nabila?...
new news in me..
my mum juz been promoted as headmistress n we have to moved to "tempat jin Bertendang" which is in GRIKKKKK!!!!! dunno what to do...hurmmm luckily they didnt sell our house in Manjung since im going for internship next year...fuhhhhh fuhhhh what a relief..huhu
nothing much i will update this blog later..c ya....
btw, im juz finish watching gossip girl season 2..hurmmm not bad...

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nadiayaya said...

link aku babe.
follow my blog jugak.
imiss u la syang

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